With Mother Love on LA Talk Radio

Loved being a guest on LA Talk Radio Live with Mother Love on the Mother Love Show. The energy was fantastic! There is something amazing when you are on air live. It’s almost like I could feel the people that were listening to the show… Listen to this dynamic show with Mother Love and I, as we talk about:

  • Life Coaching vs. Therapy and Mentoring
  • Living by choice vs. by chore
  • Self-championing and self-care with selfishness
  • Leveraging your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths
  • Consuming vs. creating (my story before I became a coach)
  • Measuring your Progress vs. your Problems
  • Shifting your life no matter where you…

There is a lot more coming soon for you to help you take inspired action toward the life you truly deserve and desire at your core.

To success + happiness,

Your coach Anush Gagua

PS: Thank you Mother Love and The World Networks Founder Lousine for making this connection and thank you all for listening.

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