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Anush Gagua is an ICF Certified Life Coach producing results, joy and mastery for her clients through the powerful PLAY TWO WIN method. She is also the Los Angeles PR Director of a multi-million dollar company based overseas and the founder of “Outstanding Life Coaching.” She helps her clients create outstanding lives by coaching them to PLAY BIG in life and win on their own terms. She is known for her work with high-achievers who are looking for more fulfillment in their lives, as well as former achievers in transition. She also coaches business owners to become more visible and optimize their full potential personally and professionally. Coach Anush’s authentic desire and ability to add value to people’s lives is her calling in life. Coach Anush is presently being coached by a legendary Tony Robbins’ coach and mastering coaching at Coachville. She has a Master’s Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and a certification from the International Coaches Federation. She is an “Unleash the Power Within,” “Date with Destiny” Graduate and is a Muskie Fellow.

Simply Facts


A-150x150Anush’s passion is Life Coaching as she helps people maximize their potential, PLAY BIG in life and win on their own terms. Anush has expanded into coaching after experiencing the great impact of coaching in her own life and being coached by a Tony Robbins coach. The turning point was a Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” event in Los Angeles in 2011, culminating with a fire-walk that led her to tapping into her full potential and starting coaching professionally. Before doing coaching professionally, personal development has always been her path to success. She has helped herself, her friends/family/students make great changes in their lives by having a clear vision of what is possible even when others couldn’t. She believes that “we are fully capable of creating the life we deserve and desire” and that visions eventually turn into a reality.

Public Relations milestones

1-see-captions-in-the-list-300x199Anush is presently the Director of PR and Marketing for the LA branch of a multi-million dollar company based overseas. She expanded into PR more than a decade ago. Anush was only 24 when she headed the PR campaign for Armenia’s development with globally renowned entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

TV Career Achievements

michael-beckwith-300x291Anush has been a TV reporter for CNN world Report, Emmy Award Winning Carolina Week News Show. She has hosted shows on Armenian National Television and the largest Armenian-Russian TV Network in America, in addition to telethons broadcast worldwide. She has interviewed many renowned people on their path to success, including: spiritual leader Michael Beckwith (featured on Oprah), Ed Asner, Sex and the City Costume designer Patricia Field, Bestselling author Paulo Coelho, Archbishop Derderian, celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, many stars and emerging artists.

Events Hosting

EVENTS-HOSTINGShe is often invited to host live events and has appeared on stages of Nokia, Alex Theater and more. She has supported many fundraisers as a host, including the Armenia Fund Telethon watched by millions.

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