Anush TV Show Started

Nourish your body, mind and spirit with this episode! Start making healthy tweaks in your life with Anush TV. Starting point? Drinking water and nurturing your body. Find out the healing powers of water and take inspired action. Chose consistency over intensity with Coach Anush Gagua

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Outstanding Life Retreat

My phone keeps buzzing from emails and text messages from the participants of “Outstanding Life Retreat”!! Yes, I am in service and on purpose, sharing with people the best tools and techniques in the personal development industry and helping people take their lives to the next level. What happened at the retreat was magical!  I’m so grateful and honored for giving people that time and space to create a powerful  vision of what is possible for them.

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Fear is Your Friend

What is preventing us from going after what we want? We might come up with many excuses-lack of time, money, direction…but if we dive in deeper it is our fear.  Imagine what would be possible if we had no fear of failure?

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Success & Life Coaching TV Episode!

It's on! Thrilled about the production of the 1st TV episode on Success and Life Coaching in collaboration with Executive Coach Calvin Chen and Armenian-American TV Star Taguhi.  The psychology of success is phenomenal! Can’t wait to share it with you and help you maximize your potential! This life-coaching episode will give you clarity, drive and resourcefulness to Play Big and move toward your goals consistently! Stay tuned!
This collaboration is awesome in many ways! Calvin has trained and worked with thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs, high-level artists and athletes from around the world. He has closed $4 million in sales working for Anthony Robbins. Taguhi has a wide reach of people with Tagshow and is simply loved by people. And me? I am bringing my expertise as a success coach, former talk show host and PR director of a multimillion-dollar company! 
Most importantly, all three of us are on a mission to bring positive change in people’s lives and help  co-create what they truly deserve and desire.
Life is what you make it! Make it outstanding!! Register here or call us at 424 240 5115 to join our 90 day challenge and an exploratory session.

The Power of Coaching

Success Coach Anush Gagua

I am thrilled about getting my credentials as a life coach by the International Coach Federation, and co-founding Life Coaching has helped me tap into my strengths and achieve my goals with so much more clarity, power and drive. It is my time to pay it forward. Now I can help you find "the best you" and achieve your life goals more efficiently with the power of Peak Results Life Coaching.  

How committed are you to creating what you truly deserve and desire?  Are you ready to make the changes you’ve always wanted? Let’s get coached then!

Life Coaching has helped me in so many ways.

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Morning Rituals: Udo’s Oil

How you start your morning defines the rest of your day, yes? It is a definite yes for me, especially these days when I am leaving consciously and moving every day toward the life that I deserve and desire! These days are special for many reasons, the most important of all being the baby that’s growing within me. When I take care of myself, I am giving my baby health for life. What a reality!

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Achiever’s Date with Destiny

Hello high achievers out there. I am one of you. Achievement is awesome, what about fulfillment? Despite coaching and personal development work, at times I still have a challenge slowing down days before my first baby is here…Seriously, what is going on? Why can’t I give myself the permission to just be a woman and enjoy it. I have an awesome husband and a great support, yet it is still at times a challenge to just be…

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What is your big game in life?

If you looked at all at life as a game, what would you say YOUR big game is right now? What does winning look like for you in this game? Who will you become more of if you win this game?

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Only when your consciousness is totally focused on the moment you are in can you receive whatever gift, lesson, or delight that moment has to offer. Barbara de Angelis

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