How often do you compare yourself to others?

Hum Most people nowadays engage in endless competitions with others, not knowing that this behavior can only serve them more damage than good. In fact, some of the world’s top achievers directly attribute their success to competing with self rather than others.

In the real world, there would always be people above you and others below no matter your stage in life. Moreover, each individual has their own personal goals and destiny operating under a different time frame, hence trying to be like them will definitely not work out the right way. According to John Wooden, the successful UCLA basketball coach, those who get overly engrossed in things they have no control over ultimately lose focus on factors they can easily control.

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With Mother Love on LA Talk Radio

Loved being a guest on LA Talk Radio Live with Mother Love on the Mother Love Show. The energy was fantastic! There is something amazing when you are on air live. It’s almost like I could feel the people that were listening to the show… Listen to this dynamic show with Mother Love and I, as we talk about:

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How to turn your passion to prosperity?

Got  a question for you: “How much passion have you got in your business and life?”

Only you know the answer to this question deep in your heart! 
Passion is the fuel of life. Without passion you are less alive. Without passion life is dull and boring. And, who wants that?  No one, yet so many of us trade our passion and purpose in life for comfort and we find ourselves stuck for years….

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How to stop destructive habits?

Have you been trying over and over to STOP smoking or overeating or any other negative habit for a while now, but it is not happening for you?

The reason for that might be that your conscious and subconscious mind are not in sync and are pulling you in different directions. No wonder, you’ve been only trying but not succeeding. In coaching we use a special method called “Inner Freedom” to make that alignment.  Hypnotherapy is another way to get there.

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Succeed out of Inspiration vs. Desperation

Coach Anush Gagua here with Executive Coach Calvin Chen with a big question:  “Are you succeeding out of inspiration or desperation?”

You may run faster toward results when pressured, but how long can you go on like that?95% of people move forward out of desperation, says executive coach Calvin Chen. People are hard on themselves in their effort to succeed and make it happen.  They get energy  for doing things from that pressure inside based on what they do NOT want vs. what they would like to have.Do you want to succeed without burning out? Then take the time to pause and focus on where you want to go and what you want vs. what you don’t want. You might be moving quickly when under pressure, but are you moving toward where you want to go? Or, are you being chased by that thing that you are afraid of and are running away from?

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How do I stay true to myself, yet thrive in my relationship?

How is your relationship going?  Excuse my getting curious, it’s just as a life coach I see it every day that the juice of life is in our relationships! Also, as a  mom and wife, I know that the quality of my relationship with my husband has such a huge impact in all other areas of my life…Can you relate?  I bet you can!

We all want amazing relationships with our spouses or  partners or lovers. Only a few of us do. So, what are some of the things that we can do to make sure that passion, joy and love stay alive well beyond the honeymoon months?

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The Best in You: TMBC President Charlotte Saulny on the Power of Coaching

If you ever wonder: “What’s so great about coaching and how it can better your life? And, why are the best companies using coaching?”  Then, this episode is a must watch to figure it all out with outstanding Charlotte Saulny, the President of the Marcus Buckingham Company.

She has worked with the best business and life coaches in the world!!  Really!! Having worked closely with Tony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, and Marcus Buckingham-three of the greatest thought leaders in today’s coaching, Charlotte has been on the forefront of coaching for years.  Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft are only a few of her clients that she helps become better, more effective, more engaged.

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Take off with CNN Featured CEO James Kinney

I so believe that whatever YOU want in life, you CAN create. You CAN turn your life around. You CAN live your dream if only you decide you are the captain of your own ship, called life. You CAN, but the question is:  “WILL YOU?”  Part of my mission in life is to remind people of what’s possible in life, by sharing the success stories of real-time highly successful people.  Today I’m so thrilled to share with you the story of an extraordinary entrepreneur, author, and CNN featured CEO James Kinney.

Speaking of life transformation, James went from being afraid to leave his home (there is a fancy word for that: agoraphobia) to blossoming and now changing lives.  James Kinney was able to turn his $200 into $1,280,000 in business in over three years. He has built 5 companies, he’s now heading LA’s fastest growing business and live performance company called 30KFT.

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From resolutions to results

How are your New Year Resolutions coming along? We’re in mid February…I know! Time flies by so quickly. I hope that, unlike most people, YOU have NOT given up on your resolutions, and are committed to turning your awesome resolutions into equally awesome results!

And, if you need a little boost, this recent episode of Anush TV will be perfect for you! I’m happy share with you a 7 Step Proven Process that works for me and my clients, and actually helps move beyond just having resolutions. It gets you the results you want.

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1st Healthy Tweak with Anush TV!

Start making healthy tweaks in your life with Anush TV!

Coach Anush Gagua here with your weekly dosage of inspiration for action! Are you ready? A BIG question for you before I share any of this: “How committed are you to YOUR OWN success?”

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Anush TV Show Started

Nourish your body, mind and spirit with this episode! Start making healthy tweaks in your life with Anush TV. Starting point? Drinking water and nurturing your body. Find out the healing powers of water and take inspired action. Chose consistency over intensity with Coach Anush Gagua

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Outstanding Life Retreat

My phone keeps buzzing from emails and text messages from the participants of “Outstanding Life Retreat”!! Yes, I am in service and on purpose, sharing with people the best tools and techniques in the personal development industry and helping people take their lives to the next level. What happened at the retreat was magical!  I’m so grateful and honored for giving people that time and space to create a powerful  vision of what is possible for them.

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