What is preventing us from going after what we want? We might come up with many excuses-lack of time, money, direction…but if we dive in deeper it is our fear.  Imagine what would be possible if we had no fear of failure?

I was excited to hear that the master on mastering fear- life coach Rhonda Britten was going to speak at the ICF-LA’s live event. Fear might be a bit scary to explore, but Rhonda had great credentials and I was open to living fearlessly.   I am glad I did go to see Rhonda.

Emmy Award Winner, frequent Oprah Guest Speaker, Tedx talk speaker Rhonda Britten shared some insights that were really eye opening. 

And I want to share with you my biggest takeaway. Fear is stored in our body.  In fact, it does have a very serious job in our lives-it is there to defend us.  Fear only has one job: to keep us safe, stuck and the same. We fear when we start doing things that are new to us.  That new thing might be exciting but it is full of so many unknowns.  

“True freedom can only be lived in the unknown,” Rhonda’s insight was quite impressive.  So, success and progress is not about not having fears. It is about noticing our fears as reminders that we might be up to something big. 

What is your next big thing?  How can you dance with fear and go after what YOU want in your life?  I am here as a coach to help you do more with your life.  

Let’s use the tools, the mindset and the skills of coaching to become friends with your fear and go after what you truly deserve and desire.


To your success,
Coach Anush Gagua
Co-founder of Outstanding Life Coach

PS:  This year has been transformational for me in many ways in the face of my fears. I became a mother after being a career woman for years. I transitioned to life coaching from the corporate world. I am excited to change the lives of many committed to stepping outside their comfort zone.  “Hello fears. Thanks for trying to keep me safe.  Got more important things to do than playing small in order to stay safe.”

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