Coach Anush Gagua here with your weekly dosage of inspiration for action! Are you ready? A BIG question for you before I share any of this: “How committed are you to YOUR OWN success?”

  • What do you feed your body & thoughts with daily?
  • Are you in charge of what you experience in your life?
  • Or, do you let whatever comes your way take you off course and away from your dreams?

Hmm…something to think about…Today, I invite you to start making little tweaks in your life so that you have the energy, the focus and determination to move toward the life you’ve always wanted. Starting point? Drinking water.

Watch this episode to see how developing a new habit of drinking water can dramatically increase your wellbeing and can set you up for success. Commit to this with consistency.


It’s not what we do once, that creates lasting results, but what we do every day of every week determines what will become of us. Are you ready to make DRINKING WATER a DAILY practice, now that you know what it can do for you?

I can feel you nodding your head:)! Let’s do this together then. Make one simple and important investment in YOU today-Water You and Nurture You! That’s it for the week… Practice this new WATER-FUL habit and share with me your experience in the comments section below!

To your success + happiness,

Coach Anush Gagua

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