Got  a question for you: “How much passion have you got in your business and life?”

Only you know the answer to this question deep in your heart! 
Passion is the fuel of life. Without passion you are less alive. Without passion life is dull and boring. And, who wants that?  No one, yet so many of us trade our passion and purpose in life for comfort and we find ourselves stuck for years….

You don’t have to live a passionless life. In fact, your purposeful passion is what will lead to you continuous success.  My guest in this episode, Entrepreneur Michael Kay,  is a great example of that. So stay with us for a few a minutes as we talk about moving from purposeful passion to prosperity!

Did you like this episode?  What resonated with you the most? 
I want to point out these top three distinctions from Michael Kay, a great human being in charge of LA’s hottest event venues and more.

Be more selective.  When you start your business, you are so excited with goals to expand. We become loose and quick to hire people and clients. Ultimately your clients are people you should be interviewing too.

Make goals that are extreme, but have realistic back-up plans. Have a Plan B and Plan C.
Never lose track of the fact that while we know that we are the most important person in our lives, that doesn’t mean we are the most important person in life.  Staying very humble and non-ego driven in everything we do, is something you get rewarded for.
As you move toward your goals, live with passion.  I agree that passion comes from your purpose.  It comes from the fact that you’re doing what you were designed to do. Sometimes you handle a responsibility that you’re not extremely passionate about, but because you live with purpose, you have a passion in your day-to-day because you know you’re not wasting your time.

Don’t waste your time living your life on other people’s terms.  There is no one that can waste your time more than yourself. It’s your own decisions that dictate how resourceful you are with your time.  You deserve to feel alive and passionate and excited about your business and life. You can do it.  The question is will you?  

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