If you looked at all at life as a game, what would you say YOUR big game is right now? What does winning look like for you in this game? Who will you become more of if you win this game?


You might say: “My big game? I am so busy with all the things right now. I don’t have time for questions like that?” And then you will probably think of all the things that you have to get done- groceries, dry cleaners, presentation preparation before that meeting, calling to check on mom, buying a gift for that big date, finding a new tenant for your place, paying the bills, looking into life-insurance policy and …” The list goes on. And, the list is overwhelming… And, after you get all that done, the question is” “Will you have joy and vibrancy to do more? Will you wake up every day, juiced and excited about your life or will it be just another day of your life…?”

If you know what coaching is, than let’s take advantage of the powerful tools of coaching to explore your Big Game. Shall we? Let’s do it.

Remember that time of your life when you had all the certainty, determination and drive to make things happen? Remember the time you felt super successful, super powerful and unstoppable? How long ago was it? Remember that moment! Remember the power and joy had back then!

Now, take 15 seconds with your eyes closed and flood yourself with the great feelings that you had experiencing that moment. Take it all in! It’s all within you. Now, in this peak state, let’s take a step forward toward creating the life you deserve and desire through “PLAY BIG” exploratory coaching session. Let’s see what you’ll discover coming from a point of possibilities.

There are no right or wrong answers. So, just give yourself the permission to invest 15-30 minutes to explore your Big Game in Life with judgment free awareness. Speak your truth and be honest with yourself! OK. Let's dive into this.

If you looked at all of life as a game...

  • • What would you say YOUR big game is right now?
  • • What do you want to accomplish and have MORE of in your life?
  • • What does winning look like for you in this game? What will you gain?
  • • What would it mean for your life if you won this game on your own terms?
  • • How it will impact all of the other areas of your life?

You can write or record your answers on your phone. After you have your answers, print them out and share with someone you trust.

Time to wrap up. Congratulations on taking the time to explore how you can move toward the life you deserve and desire and your big game! There is more to come. So, stay tuned and play big!

To your continuous success,

Coach Anush

PS: Email your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to take advantage of a free breakthrough coaching session on your big game to take it to the next level.

Coach Anush is a certified coach by the ICF (International Coaches Federation), with the mastery of “Play Two Win” method. This coaching method produces consistent results, joy and mastery. The method helps many stay focused, play better and win on their own terms. Most importantly, with this method people have a triple play, playing for results and you have joy and mastery at the same time!

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