Hello high achievers out there. I am one of you. Achievement is awesome, what about fulfillment? Despite coaching and personal development work, at times I still have a challenge slowing down days before my first baby is here…Seriously, what is going on? Why can’t I give myself the permission to just be a woman and enjoy it. I have an awesome husband and a great support, yet it is still at times a challenge to just be…

I know why. It is the old stressor-achiever in me that is awakened from time to time. I have successfully worn many hats in my life, as a Life Coach, TV anchor, PR Manager, Events Hosts and more. Now is the time to step up my game and expand toward the next level-motherhood. And to do so, I had to transform my mindset, both consciously and subconsciously, to have the courage to embrace my femininity and just be a woman next to my man. My husband has been my rock and totally helped me embrace my womanhood. He gave me the best gift in life a baby in my belly and a ticket to Tony Robbins legendary ’ “Date with Destiny” I came back renewed.

After Date with Destiny, I realized that all these years, I have been moving from one level of success to the next, and yet I wasn’t getting happier. My primary question, driving me throughout the time, has been: “How can I move to the next level and get people to like me?” No wonder, that in need of significance and wanting to be number 1 all the time, I was stressed most of the time. My formula of success, was seeking happiness and validation from others.

After Date with Destiny, my primary question has changed to: “How can I appreciate the Love, God’s Guidance and everything I already have in my life before I move to the next level?.” Just practicing that question and functioning in life from that angel that has been outstanding.. Not only have I accomplished more since then, but also I feel so grounded and so much happier. As a result, everything has changed in my life. My coaching practice became more successful- with my clients, getting not only results but also joy and mastery. I became much more influential in my professional and personal circles. Most importantly, I became a fulfilled woman next to my man. It has been such a joy to honor all parts of me.

So, I am going to leave you with these questions, amazing women!
– What are some of the great things, people, opportunities you already have in your life?
-And how do you celebrate all that you got before you move on to what’s next?

Celebrate all you have, all the support you got, before you launch your journey to what’s next. These celebrations and gratitude are now my way toward living a more successful and fulfilling life. Try it out! You might like it!

To your success and fulfillment,
Coach Anush
PS: This baby of mine, is bringing everything together in my life. I am privileged to completely step into a new stage of life, moving from the “Science of Achievement”, as Tony Robbins puts it, to mastering the “Art of Fulfillment.”

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