Anush Gagua is an ICF certified life coach and motivational speaker. She is the co-founder of “Outstanding Life” Peak Performance Coaching and Gagua Group International Consulting. She is also the co-founder of the annual “Outstanding Life” Retreat.

Anush Gagua works with high-achiever individuals and teams to increase productivity, performance and growth, as they gain a strong sense of purpose, drive and confidence. Clients include c-suite execs and teams in education, hospitality, medical and entertainment industry, such as Wyndham, Park Regency Realty, SUI, Horizon ATV, celebrity Hanna Griffiths and more.

"Anush Gagua's training will allow stronger relationships and development of teams to happen quicker. We really enjoyed Anush Gagua’s training in regards to peak performance and the 6 human needs with our sales and marketing professionals," says the VP of San Diego and Mexico Wyndham vacation Ownership Doug Park.

Prior to coaching career, Anush Gagua has worked for years in media and marketing. She is a former CNN World Reporter and LA PR Director of a multimillion-dollar investment firm- Ameria Group-where she raised the company's brand awareness by 50 % in just 6 months.

"Anush Gagua will truly be an asset to any organization due to her mindset and successful experiences in strategic communications, business development, marketing, public relations, public speaking and public information," says former mayor, current Glendale City Council member Zareh Sinanian.

Anush Gagua has a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication from UNC-Chapel Hill. And, has graduated from several Tony Robbins programs, including Unleash The Power Within and Date with Destiny.

She is married and is mothering a beautiful 3-year old daughter.

Anush Gagua and her events have been featured on Tagshow, Mother Love on LA Talk Radio, Horizon Armenian TV and more.

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